How Egyptians commercialize Ramadan


Enhancing their incomes has become the main concern of Egyptians, who tend to think of how and when they will be compensated prior to taking any action. As a result, business has become the main driving force of society. This does not only involve increased trading in goods and services; it has more to do with shaping a mindset that guides people’s behavior.

Sadly, the holy month of Ramadan, meant to be dedicated to spirituality and devotion, has become entrapped by this phenomenon, and is now the most commercialized month of the year.

To enable Muslims to spend more time on spiritual activities, the government reduces the number of work hours per day from eight to six during Ramadan. But productivity during this month drops substantially, not only because employees and workers are permitted to pray more and to read the Qur’an while on duty, but also because they tend to work less and spend more time socializing and napping to compensate for nights of lost sleep.

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