Family Of Mom Gunned Down In Her Car Still Waiting For Justice


A broken hearted family is pleading for justice after their loved one Ranita Cannon was shot and killed last year.

Family members say they received a mysterious call just before midnight on Sept. 25th that Ranita was dead.

Police said an SUV drove up and fired multiple shots into the vehicle that Ranita and a passenger were in on James Couzens near Eight Mile Road.

The passenger survived. But Ranita, a wife and mother who was also attending Wayne County Community College, died at the scene.

“It’s been rough without Ranita especially trying to raise her baby,” said Eria Cannon, her mother. “You look like a bunch of clowns hanging out that window shooting at an unarmed female. That’s what it looks like to me. You are a bunch of clowns, all the way down to that driver, you are all a bunch of clowns.”

One year later Ranita’s family says they need the person who took away this promising life and left this family broken to be held accountable for their actions.

“It’s sad that you can kill someone and walk these streets like its fine,” Eria said. “Somebody told someone what happened.”



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