Forcing victims to eat each other, feeding on mother’s body: Russia’s grisliest cannibalism cases

The arrest of a couple suspected of killing and eating dozens of victims in Krasnodar is but the latest in a string of cannibalism cases in Russia. Fueled by mental illness, desperation and perverse fantasy, their oddness doesn’t detract from the shocking cruelty.

Goth teen eats female admirer with potatoes & onions

Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Karina Buduchyan’s loved 19-year-old goth Maksim Glavatskikh but her feelings went unrequited.

On January 19, 2009 she thought everything could change when Maksim, described as charismatic and sociable, invited her to his apartment where he was partying with friends. When she arrived, Maksim ushered most of the guests out. Karina went to the bathroom, filled the tub with hot water, undressed and got inside.

Soon after, Glavatskikh joined her. He then sneezed three times – a prearranged signal according to prosecutors – and his friend Yuri Mozhnov burst in. Together they held Karina’s head underwater until she drowned.

The goths, who police said had planned the murder long in advance, then fried several cuts of her meat with onions and potatoes and ate it.

When they woke up from their stupor the following day, they stole Karina’s phone and cash, dismembered her, and disposed of her body close to their home.

Glavatskikh, who got married and formed a band in jail, died in prison in 2017 in what authorities said was a suicide.

Impotent Hitler fanatic consumes hearts of homeless victims

“My girlfriend kicked me out – said that I was a wuss, not a wolf. I’ll show her,” says a line in the diary of Aleksandr Bychkov who killed at least nine people.

“He used to go on and on about the Fuhrer, but we didn’t have sex, as he couldn’t,” replied the girlfriend to a question in a later interview.

As he went on his killing spree between 2009 and 2012, Bychkov dubbed himself Rambo, wore only black and drew a swastika on his arm.

A lonely and preposterous figure, he was also the product of a broken family – an absent father, a hard-drinking mother who took up with a succession of men while sending her small children out to the market stall to sell herbs and a brother who was disabled after an attempted robbery.

Despising what he believed to be a moral weakness, Bychkov’s victims were reminiscent of his mother’s companions – hard-drinking and often homeless. Like the infamous Chessboard Killer Aleksandr Pichushkin, Bychkov would get his victims drunk, then bludgeon them to death.

Bychkov told the police that unlike Pichushkin he also ate their organs – particularly the heart and liver, which he cooked with a cabbage broth at home. Though the decomposed bodies of his buried victims made it hard, to tell the truth from the over-compensating bravado.

Arrested for the petty crime of stealing knives from a garden centre in January 2012, Bychkov immediately confessed his crimes to the police. The 29-year-old from central Russia is currently serving a life sentence.



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