Liberal Source Says Mp Felicity Wilson Being Attacked By Party’s Right Over Gay Marriage Stance


BELEAGUERED North Shore MP Felicity Wilson is being attacked for her support of same-sex marriage, a Liberal party source has revealed.

The newly-elected MP is a vocal supporter of equal rights and has campaigned on the streets for a ‘yes’ vote.

A well-placed party source says the right faction of the party within Mosman is using this as an excuse to target her.

“My main issue is with the right faction attacking Felicity following on from her public support of a ‘yes’ vote,” the source said.

“It provides them with a convenient way to attack her.”

Ms Wilson, who is more left-aligned within the party, has been the subject of intense scrutiny since before she won a by-election for the state seat earlier this year.

She said she had made an honest mistake in her residential history after stating she had lived in the area for 10 years.

It was reported last week that the Mosman branch of the Liberal Party has threatened to stop supporting her because of the mistakes made in a statutory declaration provided when she ran for preselection for the April by-election.

The branch, which is the oldest in the country, want her to provide a full account of her residential history.

“Actively undermining a sitting MP shows that the focus isn’t on being in government or trying to create something positive, it’s just a personal factional power play,” the Liberal source said.

“Our electorate will, I believe, overwhelmingly support marriage equality, so Felicity is simply representing the will of the electorate.

“Mosman branch may be the oldest in the party, but its behaviour is turning people away from the party.”

Ms Wilson told the Mosman Daily that she is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage because she believes in “equality for all under the law”.

“Our community has overwhelmingly told me in the past months that they share my view,” she said.

“While I recognise there are a range of views within the Liberal Party, I committed in my inaugural speech to the Parliament to always stand up for individual rights and liberty, and for the views of people in my electorate.”

The Liberal party is divided over the question of same-sex marriage.

Marriage equality: What are we really voting for?

Same-sex marriage postal survey: what are we really voting for?

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is the most high-profile voice in the ‘no’ camp, while North Sydney federal MP Trent Zimmerman is on the ‘yes’ side.

A postal survey is currently taking place and people are being asked should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. The results are not binding.

The Mosman Daily has contacted the Mosman Liberal Party branch for comment.



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