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Brisbane, Australia
Thursday, July 19, 2018

We Are Oneness

We come to the world
As pure baby, black, white, brown
We don’t understand the difference
And we play with each other
We connect with soul
We connect with intuition

As we grow up,
We are taught
We are different from each other
By the race, culture, language,

We turn into the one
Who cares only “Me”
Our gut feeling tells us, something is wrong

We start to compete
We start to argue
We start to criticize
We start to fight

We start to divide into different groups
We start to divide into different classes

The monster inside us emerges
The angle inside us disappears

We start to hurt each other
We start to kill each other
We start to …

We yell for care
For love…each day
We yell for peace
But we forget where we come from
We forget to find the answer from
Where we start

Don’t forget we all will go back
To where we come from

By then, it might be late
To ask yourself what you can carry with you

Brothers and Sisters
Your journey on earth would be more appealing
If you are the friend of your soul

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