Australia Peace

-A speech, Toastmasters NIGHT, JULY 2015

Tonight is a particular honor for me, because let’s face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely.
I was born and raised in China, a country integrated with 56 nations of different cultures, language diversities after thousands years’ effort.

China is my country of birth and Australia is my country of choice. 7 years ago. When I decided to take the adventure integrated to this country, I was so confident for my future, without knowing the
enormous opportunity that my charity dream would become reality.

The diversity of Australia attracted me. We share all possibilities in this nation. We share the binding faith of possibility of this nation-freedom. I stay here knowing my story is part of large Australia story. That no other country on earth can even make my story possible.

In the past years, a percentage of prospective who desire my coaching are those with limited income or no income at all. I have been struggling on how to help them free while I can pay my bills. With the help of some volunteers and city library, my dream became reality.

At the beginning stage when I immigrated here. I smelt the freedom in the air. What a cool feeling, so relaxing…But it did not last long.

Looking at those who came to me for help no matter if they suffered from relationships, parenting issues, career problem, business blockage or ….no matter which cultural, religion or language background they are, there is one thing in common: lack of deep and authentic connection with self and with others. I myself have gone through this process too.

We seem to enjoy freedom, free of doing what we want and how we want. But deep inside, we prison ourselves with limited philosophy, belief system. People isolated themselves within different communities, based on belief or countries of origin, or language preference.
People avoid crossing the line talk about religion, politics, cultural difference, etc. for social survive. There is no alternative to bridging the gap, if we try to understand others while holding own value.

I strongly believe that the deep reason for all human issues stem from the lack of heart-to-heart connection. This is the key of all human’s suffering on earth, from main personal issue, family issue to national issues and global conflicts. We, each individual as a cell of society determine the quality of the whole nation and the environment on earth.

Can you recall the moment that your heart is touched? You felt the connection, didn’t you? You felt being empowered and inspired. You are more productive and can focus better. The sickness you felt is gone and you feel the best of self.

Yes, we may differ from skin, language, culture, religion or belief system, but deep inside, we are the same soul who experience on earth and try to fulfill our dream and purpose. However, we most of the time, turn to forget one thing. We are all connected within this universe; we are all part of it.

I believe that we all connected as one people. If there is a child takes drugs because he felt lost and sad that matters to me, even he is not my child.

If there is a senior citizen somewhere who feels lost because he doesn’t know his future, it matters to me. That would make me sad even he is not my own grandparent.

It is the fundamental believe that I am the supporter of any victims who suffer from emotional pain and internal conflict, so they can make this country even more appealing.

I said to everyone I know, there is no Asia Australia, Indian Australia, New Zealanders Australia, African Australia, European Australia, American Australia. There is no Christian Australia, Buddhism Australia, Muslin Australia. Besides a high percentage of the original resident on this continent still emotionally suffer from the loss of home, we only have one solution …for all. That is …there is only advanced Australia. A country that integrates all nations and believes as one. We are one people.

I believe this country will reclaim its promise out of some conflicts and misunderstanding in different cultures and belief.
Australia can be a good sample of all different nations.
We are a nation believe in freedom. We can choose to free from fear, worry, uncertainty which comes from limit of own mind. We are just one step away from living in abundance as one people.

This is my mission to assist this process. I am here to invite you be part of our community, the community for every one of the nation and all nations,