Georgetown American Legion raising money for PTSD service dog


Many of our military personal returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been traumatized by their experiences in the war zones. While the majority struggle with their experiences, most will not go on to develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops as a result of traumatic experience and involves symptoms of vigilance (i.e. being extra alert and aware of surroundings); numbness (i.e. having difficulty feeling emotions), and re-experiencing (i.e. flashbacks and nightmares).

The Georgetown American Legion, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of  our veterans and the community are endeavoring to raise funds for a PTSD service dog to be awarded to a local veteran.

The cost of a trained PTSD dog is approximately $7,500. They are trying to raise funds through various methods including raffles, bucket drops, a dance and contributions from the private and professional sector.

Anything donated whether it be merchandise or of a monetary nature will go toward the purchase of this service dog.