Russian Diplomat: We Will Continue Fighting Terrorism in Syria until Achieving Victory


DAMASCUS- The strong relations and the strategic partnership between Syria and Russia are not the result of the crisis, but they date back decades ago. Those relations have been deepened and coordinated to include all areas in the recent years, especially in the face of the greatest danger that threatens the whole world which is terrorism, according to SANA.

The celebration of Russia’s 27th National Day for this year comes at a time when Russia is strengthening its position in the world as a stable country. Over the past years Russia focused on building new relations in the international policy based on the balance, pluralism and maintaining the stability and sovereignty of all states.

Russia was keen to implement the principles of international law and the rights of peoples to self-determination without external pressure and interference, based on that Russia had been working to end the crisis in Syria by providing the atmosphere of political solution in addition to the consolidation of the long-term friendship relations between the two peoples in Syria and Russia.

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