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Take The Power Of The Mind Back

‪“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its Opporsite.” ----- Nelson Mandela ‬

Most of Us suffer the whole life stuck with the mind matrix,  made by the prison of the conscious mind  the 10% of human potential and  the tricks in the subconscious and unconscious mind, which is the 90% of human potential.

We will naturally gain the ability of love when we are free from the prison of mind.  

I was born unwanted. Each day as a little kid, I lived in fear, fear of being abandoned on the street, fear of being poisoned by the doctors parents. Each day, the shout and regret of not having me Drown at my birth reminds me the danger around me. I knew that I might not able to make it the next moment. 
I decided to seek for help from the within, since nobody else had interest in me. 

Without knowing the difference between the conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind, I figure out the tricks in the minds on how to release stress and get rid of the intension at night. 

The second day, I can start fresh again. Life had never be easy for me and it seems I was cursed.
I was not allowed to have a free will and was taken as a slave do what I was told. I have to fight for my future. However, I did not see much difference between those celebrities, the rich and the powerful, they suffer to, although nobody beat them and force them to do what they do not want. But they are forced to take action that against their heart and I see the conflict between their action, attitude shown and real voice inside.  

Each day as a little standby assistant besides my doctoral parents, I observe the same problem: we suffer, we feel pain because of adversity, pitfalls, unfair feeling, fear of any kinds, ect.

I have handled so many different cases in my clinic experience, depression, anxiety, PTSD, Schizophrenia, suicide attention because of parenting issue, marriage, divorce, ect. So many unexplained scenario led me to board study, research and practise that covers relations, healing, business coaching, life coaching, wealth psychology, success psychology, ect. 

I questioned myself so many time why I survive unbearable hardship since birth without being trapped to the miserable destiny I supposed to end up with. The answer is that I master the game of our minds and knows how to dominate the trends, tame it and take use of the triggers inside the head.

I am so good in identifying the tricks, loopholes in each research and study. and my questions made those masters feel so speechless and uncomfortable. I always want an convincing answer and sense of freedom. This is also a reason why I had the guts finally gave up my process to be a official nun. 

I have consulted so many speakers and coaches. I have coached religion masters, spiritual leaders. 

I felt comfortable to just taking care of clients in sessions like most therapists and counsellors until I was asked if I will release all my skills. I know the efforts I needed to put in.

I don't want to buy in any concept but desire the truth that I can test through first-hand practice. I don't want to rely on any intangible concept and hope. I am a realistic person with rational mind. prove! I want prove! 
I have brain, I do not wait be misled and I don't want to believe blindly.

Here is the misconception about the mind. Our minds are so complex and the minds are playing game with the cost of our life. I have been in the situation feeling so guilty and frustrated for not able to provide the training system you see now and so many achievers continue suffering. Some of them already died early.
I spend ten years with half million investment shopping around the whole world finding the loopholes of all learning. so today, I am able to answer any questions you have in real life journey and coach how to be a Mind Samurai and master your destiny. 

Now I have a system that work for any one who are ambitious to take life journey seriously and want only stay in success and free from the unwanted Suffering or tragic ending like those achievers who have left us like Apple previous CEO steve Jobs, Billionaire Fashion designer Kate Spade, world-renowned mentalist Dr Scott Lewis, Self-help Guru and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer, previous jailed south Korea president Park Geun-Hye, Richard Branson who suffers ADHD, etc.

You may worry that I don't understand your pain. I do.  
You can image as a life who has been abused physically and mentally abused each day as a little kid, how hard to find the lights within.

As someone who were threatened by being removed from family genealogy, I was homeless.
As someone who was not given a correct birth date record in the legal ID, passport, how much embarrassment I had been though.

What a heartbroken experience, when parents triggered one of sibling to disfigure me with knife and I survived inches from carotid artery being cut.

There is No short-cut seeking for unlimited fulfillment and mental freedom. We have to go through the hard work in the mind, either you can go though the hard time I had and evoking or you have someone assist you on the journey.

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